Aroma Chemical is successfully using disposal technologies to fixate or encapsulate waste in a solid matrix end product.

Fixation techniques chemically and physically bind the waste with a solidification agent to a leachless solid waste. Whereas, encapsulation methods physically surround the waste within the agent. Both techniques reduce waste permeability and produce an end product having significant shear strength.

Both organic and inorganic based sludge can be fixed to a leachless material which can easily pass EPA leach test and be disposed at ENV dumping ground.

We have developed our own fixation and encapsulation technology which has successfully proven the fixation of the following toxic and hazardous liquid and solid waste:

  • Gallium arsenide
  • Mercury Arsenic
  • Cyanide solution
  • Cyanide sludge
  • Process slurry
  • Plating sludges
  • Heavy metals
  • Pigment sludge
  • Organic waste